Abstract Thursday 20 HighRise living...

Posting this late on  Friday as I ran out of time yesterday and Blipfoto has been out of action for most of the day.  Still not sure if I've chosen the right image, but I can't faff about any longer! 


The image is a distorted view of some high rise flats not far from where I live. Originally on this site, stood the Queen Mary College (London University) halls of residence. Yes, they were high rise blocks, but there were only a couple of them and I never personally found them offensive.

What has been created in their place is a complex of nearly 500 apartments - still high rise and many, many more of them: they fill the landscape, overlook a primary school and loom far too close  to nearby houses.  As you might guess, I'm not a fan!

Off to find some flowers to blip if I still  can at this hour of the day, for Flower Friday - onwards and upwards!

Just noticed my blip from 1 year ago: the lovely Jazzy B's  Fake Off and had a rather nostalgic episode.  Seems like an age ago when Blipfoto was simply Blipfoto!


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