Up in smoke

By nicotinn


So, here we are.
After two years and 331 portraits, it's time to call it a day.
Celebrate, the party's over...

Not quite.

Let's wrap it with a bang.

The opening of the Up in Smoke exhibition is next Thursday, 5th July, 6pm-8pm, in the No Grants Gallery (Culture Box), East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
All welcome***!

* the party is nearly over, I'm going home. Ah, go on. The original was brilliant, the new recording is just simply sick**! All proceeds of Irish sales in 2012 donated to Barretstown Children's Charity

** the good sick, the "cool" of olden days

*** especially those of you who are:
a- rich
b- with more money than sense
c- and an irrepressible urge to hang a supersized photograph of Oldmills over their fire place

Last, but far from least, Cecile and Bryan, I love you.
And I don't deserve you.

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