Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Chaos is come again ...

Othello came fleetingly into my mind as I uploaded this chaotic triptych - the title is a quotation. However, this blip has nothing to do with love and all to do with the chaos of an impending visit from the builders/plumbers/gas fitters/joiners. This visit should, in the fulness of time, give us an en-suite shower-room in place of a walk-in wardrobe, and the chaos this afternoon is the result of emptying the space and disposing it elsewhere. The further chaos is the result of our having to make the spare bedroom available for installing the necessary plumbing. 

Right now, it feels as if we're going on a sudden, rain-sodden holiday somewhere. If I survive, I shall blip progress.

There will be progress, won't there ...?

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