Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Wet, wet, wet ...

I had thought of merely updating the progress of the shower-room-to-be, but it's been such a horrid day of desperate contrasts that I decided on this moment when my window was so wet that I couldn't really see through it because of the sun that had appeared for a tantalising five minutes.

The builders have been scurrying about most busily today, ripping out wood and old plasterboard, erecting scaffolding outside in the rain, drilling a hole in the gable end with a bigger drill than I've ever seen, drilling - and this was the horrid bit, for I was right underneath them - through the brick wall to the next room. Now two copper pipes are poking through that last hole, and the shower tray is lying propped against our bedroom wall.

Places in the inside of the erstwhile cupboard look like a cave. In rain such as obscured my window today, I'm glad it isn't.

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