RPS Meeting

I went to today's monthly regional RPS meeting. Two speakers. John Bulpitt FRPS, is a committed sports' photographer. His title was, 'If it moves, shoot it.' Which he does, whether it's sport, nature or travel.

Alex Hyde's presentation in the afternoon was inspiring. I might even now have an idea for a project. Alex is a naturalist who earns his living by selling his nature photographs. Not only did he show us scenes from his travels to Borneo and Madagascar, he demonstrated how you can make nature photos virtually in your back garden. 

His description of how he uses flash and reflectors was instructive, and has given me ideas.

As for the venue, this was the village hall at Whatton in the Vale, Nottinghamshire.

The absence of stage lighting indicates that they don't have many shows on stage here but the other spotlights and the glitterball gives away the fact that they they have 'social dancing,' reinforced by posters on the board.

A very 'naice' village, Whatton. Nothing as common as shops and pubs,  but several well heeled properties.

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