By shropsiren

The Brigadier and his lovely wife

If you have been following my blog recently you will see that I have been working alongside another senior volunteer named James who is a retired brigadier from the UK. He has now been out here three months and has made some outstanding changes to make this organisation more  efficient and professional in the way that it is run. I have been very impressed by the amount of hard work he has put in during this short time, often working unitil very late into the night. I know that he has loved every minute of it. On Monday his wife Kate flew to Kenya from the UK, he went to meet her in Nairobi and bought her back to Gilgil Tuesday morning so that she could meet Mary Coulson (exec director) and the amazing team that ensure this wonderful children's charity keeps running. The picture today is of James and Kate in the nursery classroom playing with the toddlers as she was given a tour of our facilities. Tomorrow morning James is leaving early to take Kate on a safari adventure of some kind, I can't say any more than that, as it's a big secret. He will be back on Sunday to say his goodbyes, and no doubt many tears will be shed as we say goodbye to a wonderful man. I don't think it will be very long before he returns out here to do some more good work. Have a wonderful safari James and Kate. See you soon

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