... 20th Nov Back Blip...

Way behind with things "again",  but will after a frantic week try and catch up over the next few days!!!

As mentioned yesterday went into Sydney for a meeting today, and although taking a few other shots (in extras) on my travels liked this one.

Hopped on the light rail and our conductor's VERY friendly smile just had to be snapped. Only issue, the lady next to me as I took this jumped up to get off, and after she and others went off he had moved well down the carriage, and in fact also got off so I did not get his name.

Oh well, who ever you are thanks for the top smile and service, good to see.

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE  - let me know what you think of the first extra? 
Felt it really shows the way of life in a lot of our parks in the City, being used for any amount of activity, and sadly also a greater use by the homeless setting up a small tent city in this case. 

This is in Belmore Park just near Central Station, catching the two extremes with the guy on the bench behind, and the meditator in front.  

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