A Walk in the Rain

Luckily it was only a little rain. This morning I decided to walk in Whatcom Falls Park. It felt good to walk along and enjoy the fresh cold air and the colors. The falls are running high right now due to the rain we've been having. This is a very good thing. The snow level on Mount Baker is already high enough for skiing and gives us hope for a drought free year. We are more dependent on the snow level than on the rain itself. I took lots of photos today. I put a few in the extras section including one of an American Robin. Be sure to look large at this photo too. It is much better in the larger version.

I went to see Doctor Matteucci today for the final check after my Yag Capsilotomy. All is fine and my left eye has completely healed from the procedure. 

I've been diddling around most of today. I finished working on the photos I took of Gayle's paintings. I invited the Alzheimer's community to our New Year's Eve party... which reminds me, local Blip buddies, if you can make it up this way (for those of you in Seattle and south) or if you live in Bellingham, we'd love to have you join us for New Year's. It is also Arvin's birthday. He will turn 87. Goodness where did all that time go? He was 46 when I met him. If anybody might be able to come, let me know and I'll send you more information.

Well time to zip upstairs and spend sometime with Arvin. He has been home for over and hour and I know he'd like some company. Have a great evening and day.

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