Jumping Jay

Almost finished with this painting. I had a great day with my friends at open studio. Today there were just four of us plus Trish. So we got lots of painting done and spent less time on critiques. I spent most of my time working on this painting. Then I took a break from it and began another jay painting. You can see the very beginning of it in the extra. As always I had a great time. 

As we were doing our first critique Trish asked us to think of one thing for which we were thankful this year and I thought of friends. I am so thankful for my friends in art, music, the Alzheimer Society and you on Blip. And for my family too. I am a very lucky lady to have so many wonderful people in my life. 

To those who are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, my your day be filled with love and joy and may you take some time to notice the things you are most thankful for. No matter what is happening, there is always something to be thankful for! My love to you all.

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