False Hopes

I looked out the window this morning and saw the beginnings of this. While Arvin showered I went on the deck and took some photos. This one was my favorite. It looked like we had a beautiful day ahead of us... but no. Instead the clouds quickly came in and we had rain all day.

Still the day was not a total loss. The first thing I did after Arvin's bus came was to go to the local mac store called CityMac to see about my computer. I decided to upgrade since mine was seven years old. The problem it has is a defunct graphics card. The new computer I ordered is the new MacPro. It is literally about a sixth as big as the old one. And it is cylindrical. And much more powerful and faster. Not in my original plans but I do know that I'll feel the difference when I start using it. It was time.

My acupuncture appointment was next and Paula concentrated on my sore neck and shoulders. I feel much better after the session and that is a good thing.

Then home to meet Arvin. I called my brother Steve who just got home from Costa Rica two days ago and he came over for a couple of games of Carcassonne. I've been missing him and our games together. Arvin arrived during our first game and was quite good at waiting until we finished two games before I made dinner for the three of us. Steve left then as he was still tired from jet lag and the early hours he and Kai kept while they were in Costa Rica.

Arvin and I watched some TV and then headed to bed. Tonight I'm doing my blipping from the kitchen table. My acupuncturist says that using the laptop in bed is partially responsible for my sore neck. So I'm not going to do that any more. Now it's getting late and time for me to head to bed. Have a good day or night depending on your time zone. 

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