Views from the Edge

By ElviraTSquirrel

Thurso down to the harbour usual lately Ive put up a few back blips.

Today was a strange old day though.

The car was in the garage for some new brake hoses, now I usually take garage days as a chance to get some exercise and walk the three(ish) miles home, then back into town to pick the car up. It was threatening thunder and rain all day, it was unually muggy and warm but I managed to stay dry.

But I forgot the kids broke up from school at 12, so after walking home I had an hour or so and walked back into town....then proceeded to waste the afternoon while the car was being fixed.

Let me tell you...wasting 4 hrs in town is no mean feat! This photo was taken from the bridge as I walked over to the garage....everything was really calm.

This evening though was the highlight. We had a bit of a fright then the car was hit by a stray golf club. It hit with such force I wondered what on earth had hit the car...but I didnt think it would be a sporting implement! The young lad who had lost his club also got a hell of a shock, but he stayed, apologised and was prepared to accept responsibility. I was actually impressed with the way he handled it all...although we were all VERY lucky. If it had hit the windscreen I dread to think what would have happened...and it was just an inch away from the side window. A second earlier & I may have been a gonner.

But all is well, no one got hurt and I dont think the lad will be playing golf for a while. The poor car is dented, but hey ho, such is life

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