Rare ItemTo Carry Lights To The World at Christmas

Whilst sitting on the M49 on my way home a gentleman got on and sat next to me .In his hands he held the above . Something clearly antique and fascinating .I asked him what it was and he was pleased to tell me and allow me to photograph . This is a Christmas tree holder made about 100 years ago in Germany . The key can be turned and has a dual function . A musical mechanism within  plays Silent Night and the tree will turn slowly rotate . .and the lights will cast shadows .Since it was impossible to try such out on a bus and with a stranger I ask you to use your imaginations..Note  the stamp of the manufacturer. It was quite a job blipping this on a stop /start bus  He told me that it had cost approximately 150 euro at the Flea market .For such a work of art we both considered it was a very reasonable price .Wonderful to see  such a lovely example of  times gone by when quality mattered .
It's also ideal  for the MM challenge .Thanks to Goranzbhur who is hosting this challenge .

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