A Day For Angels, A Bike ,& A Bird Bag .

Today is wet windy and grey but still a joy to go out .Passing an optical shop I saw these tiny musicians .They are decorations and one can buy. Germany does create  lots of such kitch and I'm fascinated by it . 
The cycle stopped me in my tracks and it was a must photo. Lots of gears and although these are used for taking children to school I could see other uses .The carrier could hold shopping or comping gear etc and I could trundle off on a long journey Berlin to Copenhagen  .Not likely to fall off this
 Have the name of the firm  Then coffee outdoor ( under a canopy.) The little rucksack is mine .Bought years ago as  the bird lover in me liked it. It's  small but ideal for carrying a few items and my bag of nuts for the birds .
Bikes With Added Touch

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