A Chance Meetings With Two Berlin Girls .

The real Christmas Story is about poverty ,being homeless,cast out and all the facts we somehow don't show or talk about .
Music plays , figures of jolly red men and reindeer are all over, it's glitz none stop for the powerful  'God Of Money' ..
Today as I was down town I met two amazing young ladies .
One was creative and had a permit to sell her goods in the street.She lived with her parents and always would .I bought some of her creations .These can be blipped another time.
Next I met a homeless lady with her dogs both of which she rescued. I got us both coffee & we talked dogs and her life. At night she sleeps in a cellar but like the first person was cheerful and upbeat..... Both were German born in Berlin .

NOTE ) A very famous  Chocolate firm has opened .In the window is a handmade chocolate nativity ( limited edition) Not huge just normal . I asked the price-- over 10,000 Euro !

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