A Rainy, Misty Start to December

And then it began what would turn out to be a several-day rain. (What is rain anyway but liquid sunshine?) Even though it was quite damp out, I was fortunate to find a tiny break in the precipitation on this morning to snap a few photos along the way, without even needing to huddle under my umbrella.

This is a photo of a little local pond that I occasionally swing by for a look. I hop out of the car, snap a few photos, hop back in. (No, it's not my pond. Just a pretty little stop along my path.)

There were no cows in the field on this day. The last time I stopped, which was on a day last week, cows were all over the field, and they began mooing loudly at me and walking toward me! And I was so flipped out that I hopped right back in the car and left without a single photo. I'm a coward that way, I guess. Hee-hee. :-)

In the background, you can see a natural phenomenon that is catnip to a girl like me: mist rising. Ah, the enchanted mist. I could sit and watch it roll along like that all day; like moving fingers of magic perhaps, or smoke upon the hills.

And then the rain began in earnest, and I went along my merry way. The tune to accompany this posting has to be about mist or rain, and so here's one I think I've never used before, that is a rainy-day favorite: Creedence Clearwater Revival, with Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

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