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By tsuken


My Chidokan gi emblem arrived in the mail yesterday, so I sewed it on that evening. Today, here it is on my gi:

Bettr; Flickr.


 From the Chidokan NZ training reference handbook, written by Jack Sims kancho sensei:

"The Chidokan Mark

Since its beginning, CHIDOKAN has shown itself to produce people of fine character; by way of an ideal training attitude, sending capable people into society through learning karatedo.
For this reason our mark has come to be respected. AIl members have great pride in it and strive to add to its significance.
The outside circle, coloured red, expresses perfection and symbolises the infiniteness of the Universe.
The red colour of the inner circle represents strength (power) and passion (inner fire, or spirit).
The character KU inscribed inside this inner circle was chosen and used by the founder of Japanese karatedo, Master Funakoshi Gichin Sensei. Simply translated, KU means void or emptiness, and is the symbol of ‘moving Zen’. However, the Zen influence would suggest the essence of KU is considered to lie within passion and strength - with the object being to conceal these attributes.
The inner circle, having the character KU, is regarded as the heart, trying without rest to approach a state of perfection. Thus, the two circles are close in proximity, but never touch. That is to say, even though it is impossible to reach this ideal (perfection), we aim to do so, by striving along the path every day.
    The Mark contains the three characters;
Chi - inner strength, energy, life force.
Do - (the) way or path
Kan- large building - in this case a dojo or training hall.
Which could infer -
The dwelling place of those seeking a path or way through inner strength or the energy of life force.
Chidokan is the name of our Karate do organization. It has also become symbolic of the style of karate do we practice.
Chidokan karate do is a means of pursuing a meaningful co-existence. Endeavouring to bring about harmony of thought and action, effort and achievement, knowledge and ability."

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