Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Last of the gold

I was tempted outside in my slippers this morning (don't picture dainty wee things - I wear sheepskin house boots) to take a photo of the light in the sky (soon to vanish) and the scattered gold that remains on the berberis. As the wind rises this afternoon, I expect to see a bare bush tomorrow.

We don't see many red leaves on this bush simply because we keep pruning it too fiercely and too late. It grows with alarming vigour, so we end up cutting off branches that might have reddened and thereby encourage new growth that won't. If we get a dry day before the really cold weather comes, we might cut it down to the bone again this year. 

But then again, we might not. It's hideous out there now ...

BTW - are we going to take up shares in Blipfoto to save it? What do we think, friends?

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