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The wee ferry

Dunoon is served by two ferry companies: Western Ferries, who run four modern car ferries from Hunter's Quay, and Argyll Ferries, an offshoot of Caledonian Macbrayne, who run two small passenger boats from Dunoon pier to the railhead in Gourock. This is the more seaworthy of the latter: The Argyll Flyer, which is not actually allowed to fly in this part of the Firth and which as a result grinds its way through the troughs to the consternation of anyone brave enough to sail on her in this weather.

The photo was taken from my window this morning, and by the time I'd fetched my camera it was actually nearing the pier, where the waves were slightly smaller. Now the company website says this: Due to adverse weather conditions this service is currently suspended. There will be a review at 19:00 with regards to later sailings.
There will be a replacement bus service running 20 past the hour from Dunoon and Gourock.

The Western Ferries site tells us the ferries are running as normal. 

At the risk of being a bore, this is more often as not the case through the winter, when people without cars have to trail about on buses and miss train connections if they want to go anywhere. We used to have two big ferries on the town route. They've been scrapped.

Rant over. It's not been a good day - but at least we don't tend to suffer from flooding ...

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