Gollum is being such a teenager at the moment! 

He is a bit more easily distracted during training, but he is not bad really... But training is just a structured kind of play to him, so our training sessions are not too affected by all of the changes his body is going through at the moment. But when he is not training! OMG! 

Today when we finished training, I wanted to put him back in his car crate and take Hero out for his session, but Gollum decided that he was not ready to finish having fun just yet, so he refused to ccme near me. No treat (not even yummy cheese) could get him to come closer. Eventually I gave up, let Hero out of the car and ignored Gollum. That made him come! I played a bit with both Gollum and Hero and then Gollum was ready to go back in the car. 

Gosh, I can't wait for his hormones to settle a bit, so I can have my nice little pup back! I am not worried about his behaviour as I know it is a natural part of growing up for a young boy, but I still look forward to see his good manners return ;-)

After our training and walk, we went to help Ingelise and Erik with some stuff on the computer. Gollum got to play with his good friend Happy, whilst we worked, so he has had a good day.

Home now and watching Harry Potter on TV. Ahhhhh :-)

Happy Weekend
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

PS. Look at this stunning sunset, which we enjoyed on our evening walk.

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