At the Christmas Market

I've been out most of the day today. First I went to photograph one of the steam trains bringing visitors in to Lincoln Christmas market - the Duchess of Sutherland. My extra shot shows the engine approaching the station from London.

Then I went up to have a look round the market myself. I bought some of the mittens I like from one  particular stall that comes to the market which  is the only place I know that sells them They are very good for taking photos as they have fold-back bits that leave thumbs and fingers free for camera use without making your hands too cold.

I also got some chilli sauces, a couple of Christmas presents and some cat-shaped ear studs! Oh, and I sampled some mulled wines and cider! Had to be done!

I took a few shots around the market too, including this one of the Cathedral. I realised when looking at my shots that I wasn't the only one who had that idea!

It has been really windy today! No rain though fortunately!

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