Winterfield Pavilion

It was like a new world today.  Storm Desmond seems to have quietened down and we have had blue skies and no rain.  The wind got up a bit during the day, but nothing to what it has been, and the temperature dropped - but what a treat compared to the past few days.  The boys went off to church and were then heading straight to a football birthday party. I made a pot of soup, hung my washing out and went out for a walk round by the river.  It was fuller than Friday, and may have been higher overnight, but with a day of no rain the level should go down.  It was a lovely walk (see extra), until I had to walk all the way up the hill, as I am still struggling with this cold.

After lunch and cello practice we headed to Dunbar for a walk in the sunshine.  We walked round the cliff path to the harbour where we spotted the seal. Three playparks later we were back at the car and BB had had a good run around.  After his football this morning he should be worn out.

Once we were home, hot chocolates and BB’s party bag sweets rejuvenated everyone.

This is Winterfield Pavilion in Winterfield Park in Dunbar.   It looks like it will be demolished in the not too distant future unless someone with a big cheque can come along and save it.

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