A manic day.  I felt like I had been off work for a fortnight – though  in reality it was only Friday (and I never work on a Friday).  Things have been moving at such a pace that it took me all day to catch up.  I fear that now I have caught up – it will all change again tomorrow. We have two very hectic weeks ahead with constantly changing goalposts.

I did manage out for twenty minutes at lunchtime to collect an order from one of the most awful shops I know.  Unfortunately they offered the best price on what I needed.  Instead of free postage on click and collect they charge £5 and then give you a £5 voucher to spend in store when you collect.  I am determined to get my money’s worth  - but will have to psych myself up for another visit, and goodness knows what I will want to buy.

No blip opportunities today.  This is my bus stop.  My bus isn’t even listed on the bus stop.  I have long-wondered what the interchange sign refers to. 

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