Heavy seas

I got dressed for a bike ride this morning but, whilst getting ready, decided I still wasn’t up to it.  After getting changed into walking gear, I felt a bit despondent.  

Drinking a cup of tea looking into the fog, I spotted a touch of sunlight just giving it a try.  

Now, that I was up for!

We marched up on the moors in the hope of a cloud inversion. I could see patches of blue but I wasn’t quite sure whether it was low enough.  Sure enough, we broke out into a patchwork blue sky and a mesmerising heavy sea below dancing with white horses in the dappled sunlight; quite spectacular to watch.

I thought the sun might be too high for a brocken spectre but I was in luck there too (extra).  I’ve seen this rarity an unbelievable amount of times this year.  I packed up some beer bottles and cans that I spotted while standing on a high point trying to find my shadow and stuffed them in the outside of my little rucksack.

Tearing myself away from the edge, we headed up to the hut in the sunshine.  I couldn’t resist another look on the way down.  The mist had retreated but we still continued to the edge. Whilst standing and taking it all in, I noticed the fog creeping back in which gave even more from the brocken spectres.  I chatted to a local runner who was on his way down and we agreed how special our local countryside is.  I’m not sure whether he noticed how much I’d been drinking; I forgot to explain that part.

Every day, the moor has plenty of energy to give out but sometimes it’s just on fire.  Today was an exceptional day.  I feel a lot better now.

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