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River Eamont (Part 25)

I am aware that everyone has been inundated with pictures of floods, but I just have to refer to what has happened to the River Eamont at this time. During the journey we have been taking down the River I have often pointed out how full and fast flowing it has been.

It has never been as full and fast flowing as it has been these last couple of days.
My blip is one of our little streams that carry water down from the Pennines. I say 'little', but it is much bigger than it usually is. And, looking at the amount of debris and the state of the banks, it has obviously been a whole lot fuller than it is now.
So we have to imagine, at the time of the recent torrential and incessant rain, many, many such streams bringing water from the hills around Ullswater and dumping it in the Lake. Such was the force of the weight of water flowing out of the Lake and into the River Eamont that, sadly, yesterday the 16th Century bridge over the outflow at Pooley Bridge collapsed. The extra picture is one taken by someone yesterday. And this is what SpotsOf Time saw yesterday. Compare these pictures with this.
Such is the power of nature. I am sure we have all thought that as we have watched the devastating pictures of the thousands of people with flooded homes. See this and weep for them all.

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