Back and Forth thru time

By pingufivemins

In the City

evening all,

Odd type of day today.

I was meant to be having a quick meeting and then doing clinic in the morning.

By two thirty in the afternoon it became clear that I wouldn't be fulfilling my morning clinic commitments!

However it did mean I could pop down and surprise my daughter by picking her up from college, sadly  I had to make a quick comfort break in a local supermarket before I picked her up!

 (obviously I used the toilets, I didn't mistakenly go into the foreign exchange kiosk)

Just outside the supermarket I bumped into a lovely lady who is the mum of one of my daughter's friends, the problem is she is a bit chatty and because I hadn't met her for a bit and because she had a bit of time on my hands she talked, and talked. and talked......

upshot of this, I become thirty minutes late picking my daughter up, and I have a head full of flowery nonsense concerning bad gravy, trips to America, holiday plans, soul singing in Barrow in Furness and homely food in local pubs, which I have now shared with you so I can move it out of my lumber room and olace it in yours!

night all

the Jam

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