Pot of gold- Park of Keir

Well, I guess there is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow which I saw this morning over Park of Keir.

However, is there not a saying that seeing a complete half circle of a rainbow is a sign of luck  ? I take it as a good omen.
But first we have the backlash. We were warned to expect  a rough ride for the next few days following Judy Murray’s failed attempt to get a planning application for her “dream” of a tennis centre on Park of Keir.
Well, one newspaper, which shall be nameless, carried a puerile attack on our local council for "giving in" to Nimbies .  There was no mention that Stirling Council were simply following their own p;lanning policies and guidelines.
And one member of our group opened his front door to find a photographer and reporter standing there!
There were from “The Times”. 
Now I had already done a telephone interview with him earlier in the morning and he gave no indication that he was coming to Bridge of Allan.  
Now we expect that from the tabloids but The Times?......how times have changed.

Check out this link for musical: Pot of Gold


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