Game,set and match-Judy Murray-5-3

It's been an extraordinary day with folk ringing up:
"Did you see the Daily Telegraph?"
" don't read the Telegraph."

Another call.
"Did you see the Daily Mail?"
" don't read the Daily Mail"

And so on all day. Seven newspapers have carried the story of Judy Murray loosing  by 5-3 votes her application to build a tennis centre  etc on the Greebelt Park of Keir.

 Yesterday radio and television covered the story and today it was the traditional media. They were: The Independent ( this was a surprise!), Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Scotsman, The Herald ( Glasgow), Dundee Courier and the Stirling Observer. Also the Guardian Online. 

We tried throughout the campaign to avoid personalities and stick to planning policies but the media weren't interested in that. It's the human interest story that grabbed their attention- how a bunch of local people took on a sporting celebrity because she chose to ignore local politics and community wishes convinced that her celebrity status would allow the local council to waive some kind of magic wand and let her through into our precious Greenbelt to fulfill her dream.
( A  tennis centre, adventure playground, hotel, football pitch, golf course, etc and of course executive houses to finance it all).

We think she was wrongly advised, and even encouraged at one stage by our local council that they would see she would be OK( nod, nod, wink, wink). Then there was a change in regime at Stirling Council and suddenly democracy was rediscovered and there was much tightening of belts and rules.

By that time Judy Murray had already started down her ill-fated path.

Yesterday I ended up feeling sorry for her as she bolted out of the hall after the verdict, straight into the arms of the waiting media with television, reporters, photographers and reporters all trying to get her to speak.

Where were her celebrity pals in her hour of need? She was totally alone. Yet two hours before she had arrived at the venue  like minor royalty surrounded by a big entourage.

Such is fame.

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