Capital adventures

By marchmont

Look at me!

On a wet, dreich Edinburgh day where all there is to do is watch the rain rain, shop from Amazon, make broth, make fish pie and think about making photobooks - a cheerful photo from KL.  

#1 granddaughter is walking!  15 months and 1 week. She is about 2 days later than her dad so obviously it runs in the genes.  Apparently she had her armbands on in the pool for the first and was walking around the pool with them and then decided she'd walk unaided from the pool back to the lift.  Unfortunately no phones or cameras to record that fact.  Life will now get even more interesting out east!

Meanwhile, closer to home, #3 son is moving out with the help of #1 gf, up for the weekend, and a friend - many boxes, and mess.  #2 son is off out to see the football. And as usual I'm listening to R4. 

I have roses to plant, not this weekend.

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