Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Clean clothes

You gotta have them! Especially when you've got humidity like we have.

SO glad to be finally able to do a load of washing as it was getting quite critical! 'Fraid I put the whites and colours in together. I know, I know... but there were no mishaps except for someone leaving a tissue in their jean pocket... aarrgh!

Nearly there... old flat ALMOST emptied out. Took the curtains down and it really does look bare now. It's taken longer than expected. G has laid out her room and emptied some boxes; kitchen not quite ready - that's been the biggest delay.

Went to IKEA twice! Thrilled to say that the day ended with us having one of our favourite meals. And now fianally at the end of the day, think I may have a glass of chardonnay (spotted some in the fridge!). Happier.

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