Clanage Cross

I saw these rays from the house and decided it was time to get out there! By the time I got up the road they'd gone, only to reappear a few minutes later. I stopped at a farm entrance and took some shots down over the valley but decided they'd look better down the hill a bit. 

When I got there, someone was parked in the gateplace I needed and they were taking photos! We chatted and when they moved off the rays were still there. I moved into the parking space and took various shots and when I left they were still shining. I've never known such co-operative crepusculars!

I've decided it's high time I made a photobook of the New Zealand trip so I'm doing it with Blurb and Lightroom. I'm sure it ought to be easy but with my fairly sketchy knowledge of Lightroom I've had to abandon one effort and start again because I couldn't find where it had put my photos after I closed it down last night. It's quite nice reliving the trip with my blips and the diary we keep on holidays.

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