(River Eamont Part 26)

The sad story of the broken Pooley bridge has already been well documented and Bimbo has done an excellent job of recording some of the bridges damaged in the floods, including this one. However, I decided that, for the sake of my River Eamont Project, I had to get to this one myself and blip it.
A very sad sight indeed and there were a few people down there this afternoon - just looking. Where the two people are in the picture is where I was standing earlier in the year to take this photograph. It all looks very calm now, but can you imagine what torrents of water must have been pushing through here to do this kind of damage. This is how an onlooker from the village described the event:
The turret lost a couple of stones, then the mortar started plunging into the river. The arch nearest the village went first, an hour and a half later, the central arch went, then at 5.45pm the furthest archway went.
The villagers don't know whether to now call their village Pooley (as it was originally), or perhaps Pooley Gap or Poorly Bridge!

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