Photographic musings

By Wheeliebloke


I struggled a bit with a subject for this theme. I looked up the definition of the word for a bit of inspiration, not wanting to go with the immediate thoughts of 'a bird'. One of the definitions was 'Having the chords of propeller blades parallel to the line of flight.' This led me to thinking about my aviation days and service in the Royal Air Force, (those days weren't at the same time, I learned to fly after being discharged from service. Check this out. Tom Cruise has nothing on me). My thought process led to the RAF crest. Da-daaaaah. I dug out the folder with my Certificate of Discharge in and took a pic of the crest on the cover. The crest features an eagle. This folder came in quite handy the other day for the background in this journal entry.

The motto of the Royal Air Force is Per Ardua Ad Astra, you can see this around the crest. It translates as 'Through adversity to the stars'. I served in the RAF Regiment, whose motto was just 'Per Ardua' or 'Through adversity'

See my extra pic. 1994 in Cyprus. I was 22 in that photo. There certainly has been a lot of adversity since then but that's life isn't it? Keep on keeping on.

Per Ardua.

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