The Indignity, I'm A Camelid With A Lid :(

I thought the Pets' Corner Nativity Play would be a rich source of pics for Blip and for the Tog Squad gallery. I went three quarters of an hour early and was nearly the head of the queue, hoping to get a good position.

It was a free for all. Not a conventional play. Baby Jesus lay forlornly alone in the manger flanked by tinsel-clad gold, frankincense and myrrh and lit by a weird bluish purple light. The audience was invited to people the scene and pose for pics. A few over-excited children in costume shared pens with some of the animals.

My pic is of an alpaca which was was wearing a strap-on camel hump. I'd had enough, got the hump, went grocery shopping instead and missed most of Master Chef. :(

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