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By QueSeraSara

Angel Share

This weekend we had friends Jim and Miranda visiting us from Ohio. One of the many pleasures in having guests is the chance to explore some of the special places in our Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Jim, like me, is a bourbon drinker. We dragged our better halves with us on Saturday to visit some of the distilleries that make up what our tour guides called "The Bourbon Trail." The tours intrigued but temperatures were hot, infernal even - the high, 105° Fahrenheit. When we entered the barrel storage barns, temperatures cooled, and we enjoyed the sweet aroma of bourbon and oak. Kentuckians call the scent "angel share," because it's considered a gift to the heavens, an exchange for protection, against fire in particular, since the combination of alcohol and wood can be highly volatile. It was wonderful to share this experience with friends--the real and richer angel exchange for us.

"Once in an age God sends to some of us a friend who loves in us, not a false-imagining, an unreal character, but looking through the rubbish of our imperfections, loves in us the divine ideal of our nature,--loves, not the man that we are, but the angel that we may be."
~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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