Learning day by day

By EmmaF


I definitely took better photos today, but this had to be my Blip. Look how chuffed he is with just being able to stand up unaided on his rollerblades (purchased with his own money). He is a way of actually skating unaided, but I am sure he will get there.

Lazy morning, including a tidy of inboxes and the kitchen table. After lunch Will and I walked Carys to the Queen Mother Theatre to meet the Brownies and see James and the Giant Peach. Will and I headed to Bancroft and rollerbladed until my arms and back said no more. We wandered along to town, found the Gallopers were in the Town Square, so Will got his ride on the outside horse and was very chuffed. Coffee with Daddy and then it was time to collect Carys and walk home. 

Now we have settled down to watch the Strictly final with Will in bed and a curry cooking. 

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