Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Festive Feast

A couple of weeks ago, we got invited to my brothers house for an early family Christmas Dinner, and to christen his new kitchen which was finished last week.

The blip photo is of my brother and girlfriend taking the top off a steamed pudding which she's just cooked. I had the crumble and custard and it was the best I've ever had - period - and I like my crumbles! The other photo's are of my brother dishing up dinner, my dad, and the new kitchen.Probably boring for you but maybe one day I may get to put the years photo's in a 365 album.

My uncle Johnny is the one in the group photo by the door. He retired many years ago from The Met police and was seriously ill a while back. His transplant kidneys failed and he's back on dialysis. So bad was he that we all thought he wouldn't pull through. Good to see him at the dinner. My dad is 84 but in good health, and the oldest of 8. Some of his brothers and sisters have already died. They're all Londoners, and today we recounted how my great grandparents set up a dairy in London early in the last century and only spoke Welsh. Many followed them and Welsh milk was sent up by train (known as The Milk Train) to be sold in London!
My great grandad did speak english eventually, but my great grandmother refused (even though she could)! This didn't stop her being popular with the cockneys.

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