Three Windows

All I want for Christmas is to stay in my bed!  However, not through illness as happened last year.  I did manage a bit of a lie in, though BB was up quite early.  I told him to go and watch TV and left TT to deal with him (even though he had been out late last night).

The boys went off to church while I made a pot of soup, put some washing on, and sat down to enjoy some toast and marmalade.   I then collected the last of my Scout post and sorted it out, ready for delivery, while TT was installing the Christmas tree.  The lights are on, plus a few decorations added by BB. I’ll do the rest later.

After lunch we went over to North Berwick.  It was still mild, but seemed chillier. We had a look around Old St Andrews Church, before wandering along the High Street looking in a few shops, en route to the beach.  BB had his football with him – so a kick about was on the cards.

We came home via the supermarket.  TT was on tea, so I went out and delivered three streets of Scout post – which is always a challenge in the dark!

I now need to finish writing my own Christmas cards and I think I may need to buy a few more. This task will be helped by a gin and tonic I think.

Here is a detail from Old St Andrews Church.  The extra is of the North Berwick Christmas lights as we drove along the High Street.

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