Off Centre

By RachelCarter

Familiar comforts

We've had an emotional and rather draining 6 months and there's still some stuff to get through. 
The last week and a half has been exceptionally crappy. 

But I'm one of those very, very lucky people who not only has an inbuilt Tigger but who also has certain sets of circumstances that make it easier for Tigger to appear and bounce back. I have a wonderful family and I live in a beautiful area. Every day I get to think about how I adore my children and how proud of them I am, and where we live gives me views and fresh air and nature that are life-affirming. It's impossible to escape your head, your emotions, your pains and your grief but it is possible to give yourself some peace and distraction where we live. I often take my problems for a walk and throw a bit of wild salty air at my life shit. It doesn't make things go away but it makes them part of a bigger picture. 

Today Richard, Tess and I went gentle Christmas shopping. With just a few things to pick up we weren't stressed. There was a brass band playing in the high street and I got my fix of the only thing that makes me feel Christmassy. 

Late afternoon we went to the beach for a short walk, and as I saw Tess descending the rocks, I was blasted back in time to this day, 4 years ago - also in december: She's grown so much from nearly 7 to nearly 11 years old but she still climbs the same way. 


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