By FlyingPRGal

The Shoeless Organist

I discovered this evening that my friend plays the organ without his shoes on! I'm unsure if it has something to do with feeling the pedals better through his socks or if it is some kind of eccentric tradition. What I AM clear on is that he plays the organ beautifully.

I've been attending Christmas Carols at his church every year since he started dating my best pal from uni around a decade ago. In that time I've sang along to carols with a bit more effort than I once did as he rocks the chords with unassuming flair.

I once asked him to describe his style to me and his reply was that he plays the organ like driving a Ferrari. I can vouch for his smooth delivery across the power range, beautiful sound and - every now and again - a wheel spin to turn heads.

There's something about the blend of classical instruments delivered in a rock star style that appeals to my friend the organist, much like my friend the classical music conductor who sports a funky Rolling Stones tattoo and likes to wear cowboy boots (off the stage). I must introduce them sometime!

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