Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Watching TV in the morning, not something that often happens in this house, except during the Christmas holidays. This was Carys catching up with the second part of the SCD final and Will joined her.

After lunch C and I went to drop in but came home early as it was quiet and I was full of cold. Daddy had taken Will to the Market Theatre panto. I needed a few bits from town so C and I walked in, did what was needed and settled for a coffee when Will and Daddy turned up. The kids and I finished our drinks quicker than Jim, so we left him to have some quiet time and we walked home.

Once home the kids got their pj's on (their decision) and we settled down to watch Rise of the Guardians. Carys nearly made it the whole way through without being freaked out, Will took it all in his stride.

Roast chicken for tea and then early bed for Will and not so much later Carys. I managed a few more jobs to get me closer to being ready for Christmas. Is it really on Friday? Four more sleeps!

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