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By creativelenna

my 500 blip day

It's hard to believe I have hit 500 blips! Edit: Even harder to believe i have made it to the spotlight page for July 3, whoo hoo! Thank you!!!!

I went to Nia on Siesta beach early this morning and after class I took photographs. The tide was very low and people were walking way out. It looked strange because the ocean and the sky appeared to meet and become one. Camera in hand, I used my foot to mark the number 500 in the sand, very near the water. This did not stand out very well and after a while I thought, ah ha! I will fill my my lines with seaweed. That worked well. At home I fooled around layering some of the photos I took in Photoshop and this is what happened. I like the effect very much.

Today my Nia teacher asked me, "Lenna, what is your goal with your photography?" ... this asked after she once again, saw me taking many photos. No one had ever asked me this before!

I explained that I felt I used my photography as a creative outlet and that was my goal. I went so far as saying I got cranky if I went too long without being creative! I told her how I was now getting interested in exploring how to use my camera manually instead of mostly automatically -- just to see what other creative things I could do. I added I felt that way mostly because of blip and all the talented photographers I visit there. I explained about blipfoto and how inspiring it was to me and what a great community it is.

Thank you for being here, sharing your time and your talents, your encouraging comments, your beautiful photographs, lovely words, and your friendship. Of course thanks to blipfoto central for the stellar job they do! Oh, and a special thanks to my friend Frieda in Scotland who led me here. I am so happy we do this together!!!

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