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Donations Available

Great news! We are now able to receive donations from the community outside of Europe.  We really appreciate your patience over the last couple of weeks while we brought this in – we know it has been frustrating for you as well as for us.  We wanted to make sure that anyone who donated was:

·       able to receive the same rewards (minus share ownership)
·       That any donations added to the crowd funding total
·       that when you pledge to donate, we will not collect your money unless we reach the target.

We will be consulting the whole community (including donors) on major decisions.  The Blipfuture team deeply regrets that not everyone can participate in shareholding because every country has different and complex laws on selling shares.  It is not feasible to pay tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees to enable share sales in every country, and there are many places in the world where it will never be possible. 

The crowdfunding campaign has 70 days to run.  We need to go back to the current owners around 11th January to review progress and if we are all confident that the crowdfunding will succeed we will start detailed negotiations.  If the existing owners are not confident of success at that time we are likely to lose this opportunity, and Blipfoto will close.
It’s over to you now – please look at our proposals, ask your questions, and pledge your investment or donation.
We are really grateful for the leap in funding on Monday, when the total increased by over 10% in 24 hours, including people who pledged additional amounts.  If you want to increase your pledge you can by logging in to the Blipfuture website, clicking on your email address and selecting ‘Your Pledges’.  There is a facility to make a new investment, just underneath your previous pledge(s).

If you have any trouble registering or with the pledge process please let us know by emailing us ( as soon as possible, or clicking on the ‘Ask a Question’ button at the the Blipfuture website.

We have done our absolute utmost to reply to every question we have received by e-mail and the “ask a question” feature on the crowdfunding site.  If we haven’t got back to you (usually within 24 hours) then please do re-send your question to [email=""][/email] – if we aren’t answering it is because either we haven’t received it for some reason, or because we’ve messed up somehow and the message has got lost (in which case we are sorry).


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