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A Merry Christmas from Blipfuture!

Posted by Blip Central on behalf of the Blipfuture team.

Many thanks to everyone in the community that have been helping us to get the message out about Blipfuture. It's really appreciated.  The current total stands at £59,431 from 614 people (a mix of share sales and now donations).

We want to keep the momentum going in the crowd funding campaign and reach the target as fast as possible. As we said on Tuesday, while the crowdfunding campaign has 70 days to run, we need to go back to the current owners around 11th January to review progress. If we are all confident that the crowdfunding will succeed we will start detailed negotiations.  If the existing owners are not confident of success at that time we are likely to lose this opportunity, and Blipfoto will close. To make this a reality, we need as many people to have pledged to buy shares or donate as soon as they can. We have recognised the fantastic spirit that is always displayed here on Blipfoto in the Blipfuture business plan, so we’d like to call upon the whole community to get involved.

We were planning a day to help get the word out about Blipfuture and to celebrate all that is so special about Blipfoto – but in the true special nature of this community we saw that it was already being planned! With thanks to LooseCanon for the original idea, we would like you all to dedicate your blip on Friday January 1st to the Blipfuture effort to save Blipfoto.

The key features of this celebration blip will be:

- Take or create an image on Friday 1st January, featuring the word “blip” somewhere within it. Be creative: write it in pencil, sweets, stones, people - whatever you’d like! Where you can, please feature the word within the thumbnail so the collection of images look good together;

- Write in your text why blip is special to you and worth saving. Why do you care about saving Blipfoto? What makes it such a special community? What are the special parts of your journal you are particularly proud of? What would you do to encourage someone to join blip and get the same experience? We want to see both some amazing stories and to encourage others to pledge where they feel they can. This will also help spread the word wider than only the blip members themselves, as we know many blips are shared through other media. Please include the link to our crowd funding site at in your words;

- Tag the entry with #PledgeBlipfoto so that we can all easily browse for them;

- Have some fun with this!

It will be fantastic to see all the images, linked together by this common theme, helping to get the word spread as far as possible. We’re giving you a bit of time to think about this, as it will be holiday season for a lot of us. By doing this, we will all have some great images to look at, some inspiring words to read – and most importantly, we’ll have spread the message as widely as we can.

Finally, the Blipfuture team will be offline for the Christmas weekend, taking some time with family and friends for the holiday. If you have any questions for us, or have any trouble registering or with the pledge process please do still let us know by emailing us ( as soon as possible, or clicking on the ‘Ask a Question’ button at the Blipfuture website. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible after Christmas.

Thank you all, and a very Merry Christmas from Annie, Bob, Graham, and Ian at Blipfuture.

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