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A Bunch of Cards

Hi, everyone, the Blipfuture team here,
We hope you’ve had great few days and are looking forward to the New Year celebrations.  Don’t forget that after LooseCanon’s original idea we would like you all to dedicate your blip on Friday January 1st 2016 to the Blipfuture effort to save Blipfoto.
The key features of this celebration blip will be:
- Take or create an image on Friday 1st January, featuring the word “blip” somewhere within it. Be creative: write it in pencil, sweets, stones, people - whatever you’d like! Where you can, please feature the word within the thumbnail so the collection of images look good together;
- Write in your text why blip is special to you and worth saving. Why do you care about saving Blipfoto? What makes it such a special community? What are the special parts of your journal you are particularly proud of? What would you do to encourage someone to join blip and get the same experience? We want to see both some amazing stories and to encourage others to pledge where they feel they can. This will also help spread the word wider than only the blip members themselves, as we know many blips are shared through other media. Please include the link to our crowd funding site at in your words;
- Tag the entry with #PledgeBlipfoto so that we can all easily browse for them;
- Have some fun with this!
We’ve seen the pledge total increase steadily over the Christmas period and you can only admire the commitment of some who asked for and received Blipfuture shares as presents!
While we’re talking about spreading the word, we do know that some people have been disappointed by some long comments posted on their journals asking people to pledge.  While we understand the motivation, please realise that this kind of behaviour can cause upset.  For anyone receiving such a comment who doesn’t want it, you can easily delete the comment by using the dustbin icon below and to the right of the comment when using an internet browser.  
We know some people are still reporting difficulties in pledging, or are not receiving confirmation emails. We’re sorry about this and want to help sort things out if you are having problems.  Please contact us either via or using the ‘ask a question’ facility on the crowd funding site. You can also check to see what you have pledged by logging in to the crowd funding site, clicking on your email address (top right of the screen) and selecting ‘your pledges’. 
Similarly, we have noticed reports about issues with the Blipfoto website on social media.  If you have a problem please report it to us via and we will take it up with technical support.
We know that a lot of information has been posted since 4th December 2015.  We have seen various comments that make us realise that not all of the information we have posted has been read by everyone.  We understand that as we are constantly having to keep up with all of your comments on Blip Central, not to mention the other social media channels dedicated to Blipfoto.  If you are unsure about anything, we are happy to answer your questions using the channels mentioned above.  To help we also intend to post a summary of information in the next few days, so you have a single place to catch up with everything that has been going on.
That’s it for now.  From the Blipfuture team, may we offer you best wishes for 2016.

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