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Thank You

Posted by Blip Central on behalf of Blipfuture

We've been overwhelmed by your response to our call for a New Year's Day blip dedicated to the Blipfuture effort. Many thanks to LooseCanon for coming up with the original idea. We've looked at your great pictures and read your wonderful words. Follow the #pledgeblipfoto link to do the same. As always, the creativity shown has been amazing. It's been inspiring to witness your collective commitment to blipfoto, to hear just how very much it means to so many. There can be no greater endorsement of how truly unique this community is and why it's worth putting in a big effort to save it. For a lot of people, ourselves included of course, life wouldn't be quite the same without this daily activity. 

So thank you, everyone who has contributed. We can let you know that it's already made a difference. We've seen a surge in people registering on the crowd funding site and pledges have increased by over £10,000 in the last 48 hours. Please don’t stop now! 

We wanted to acknowledge your fantastic efforts and while we can't mention everybody, we did want to do something that hasn't happened for a while and make some 'staff' picks from the Blipfuture team. In no particular order, our individual choices are: 

Ian: I kept coming back to this one from meyesme. It caught my eye as being striking and futuristic, at a time when we have to look forward. It also reflects on how blipfoto pushes many of us (or gives us an excuse?) to explore new techniques – and I love the phrase “we need to save blipfoto, we just do.  I find it keeps me going”.

Annie: I found it so difficult to choose a single entry, because the collection together showed all that is so great about blip: creative pictures, a huge sense of fun, moving words and amazing eloquence. I picked the entry by freespiral because the words drew me in and described for me so well what is special about blip.

Bob: It's really an impossible task to single out one blip from the over 600 that were posted. This image from NannaK spoke to me because it says so much about the recording of unique moments in our lives and this one is very special in lots of ways. It just touched me, like blips often do. As simple as that. 

Graham: I have two picks, which are inseparable. I saw Porridge's post and his words drew me into his and Happy Valley's back story around their wedding last year.  I love to get to 'know' people through their journals, piecing together the story through individual posts.  It really is one of the hallmarks of Blipfoto and why it has been recognised by the British Library.

Once again, thanks to everyone for all your contributions.

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