Last Breakfast at the Blue Bull

Finally, the ocean was calm enough for us to get out on our snorkelling trip! Basically we were searching for pods of dolphins then jumping off the boat to swim with them. Wow!!
This was right on the heels of another successful turtle search late last night. Just the one this time, it was just covering up its eggs when we arrived on the scene. Don't think we bugged it too much but it did hot-flipper it back out to sea pretty sharpish.

Anyway, we had breakfast at the Blue Bull bar as usual before heading for the border
and we're back in South Africa now. Have just had a great dinner in the lodge we're staying at near Piet Retief but it's going to be a hot, sticky night with practically no breeze coming through unless I can go find a fan. We can lie and listen to the frog chorus though!

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