Another Christmas legend;
Long ago each Christmas Eve an old woman would clean her house from top to bottom before she decorated her tree, but one year she accidentally missed a spider web high in the corner.  She was so tired that she fell asleep before finishing her Christmas Tree. During the night the spiders who had scuttled into the one remaining web, were curious as they wondered why she had brought a fir tree into the house. So they all crept down to look at the tree and crisscrossed it leaving webs of silvery threads.  In the morning when the woman saw the tree she noticed all of the webs were shimmering silver and gold in the sunlight making the tree look really beautiful. When the children arrived they exclaimed in delight what a wonderful tree it was and ever since then she always left a spider web.
According to legend, ever since this happened, people have hung tinsel or strings of lights on their Christmas trees in memory of those spiders. In many places, especially in parts of Eastern Europe, it is also customary to include a spider among the decorations on the tree.

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