New York!!

Oh New York!  How I've missed you!!

Yesterday (Friday) I flew off to Newark. Since this trip was a 4-day instead of the normal 3-day, I had an extra day to do something fun. I decided to take the bus to Manhattan since our layovers aren't usually long enough to make that worthwhile.

We used to fly to both JFK and Newark airports but gave up both of those flights after 9-11. Although we've recently picked up Newark again, it's a huge disappointment to not stay in the city. So I was pleased to have a whole day today - and what a beautiful day it was too!  Cold but sunny.

On a last minute whim I decided to book myself into the 430pm Rockettes show at Radio City Music Hall. I've always wanted to go - it's a NY institution at Christmas and there's been a Rockettes show since 1932. So I decided I would pay the small fortune to go - and well worth it it was too!  It truly WAS spectacular!  

Before the show I wandered around, visiting a few of the neighborhoods I used to visit, mostly in the midtown area - Rockefeller Plaza with the ice-skating and the famous fountain and tree, Saks Department store on 5th Ave, Grand Central Station (which now has the most amazing Apple Store!), New York Public Library, and Bryant Park with more ice-skating and a Christmas market.

After the show I looked forward to seeing New York at night, but after returning to Rockefeller and Times Square, I was amazed at the crowds - sometimes shoulder to shoulder.  Too crowded for me!  Since I didn't feel ready to return to the hotel I decided to do what any reasonable person would do - I went to the half-price ticket booth at Times Square and bought a ticket to ANOTHER Broadway show!!  Even at half price it was another small fortune!  But it's Christmas and it's not every day I get to spend time in NY!  

So off I went to see 'Beautiful', the musical and story of singer-songwriter Carole King. I'm somewhat of a fan of Carole King and I've been wanting to see the show for ages but never thought I'd be seeing it on Broadway instead of London's West End where it's also playing.  Another spectacular show, enough to actually bring tears to my eyes!  (Where's the Kleenex??).

A terrific day - a REAL Christmas treat!! And finally back to the suburbs on the last bus of the night.  Very Happy!!

More pictures to follow via a Flickr link....

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