On Some Days

By V1k1

A Day @ the Lake

Another blue sky day and we took the boat to Lake Okataina.  The other local lakes would have been heaving with people but this lake is a bit further away and was delightfully empty of people.  It was the quietness that first struck me.  There were maybe 12 people on the beach or swimming.  We took the boat across to an empty beach and had our picnic.  On the beach there were Wallabie tracks.  They were introduced from Australia.  The lake is encircled by native forest and there are some Pohutukawa trees that add a splash of red to the green bush.  The lake has no inlets and no outlets.  It lies within the Okataina Caldera and was once an arm of Lake Tarawera until a lava flow emerged between the two lakes about 7000 years ago. ( I learn a lot about where I live when I have to write something on blip)

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