Life from a City

By LeggeAngie

The Flood

The River Wharfe, River Aire and Meanwood Beck burst their banks last night, with considerable flooding around Leeds. This morning I drove through 3ft of flood water to get home from church and then went down to the city centre, to see how bad it had been (it had been receding for about 11 hours by that point). 

So this is my photo for Derelict Sunday. One derelict or abandoned car on Meadow Lane, leading past the Asda HQ, and one of the main routes into Leeds City Centre. 

People are clearing up this morning. I live on a hill, so am not affected, but the River was the highest it has ever been recorded, and those in the flats around the river had their car parks flooded out, bars had to close, and this morning I watched some of the shop keepers tentatively opening the doors to their shops to see just how bad things had been. 

I know other people were documenting the damage on Kirkstall Road, which was far worse. 

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